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To pre-approve a loan, you will need the following information/documentation from each of the loan holders:

  • Identification of the credit holder(s) (Citizen Card, Passport or Identity Card).
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number).
  • Most recent tax return and respective income tax assessment note.
  • Three most recent payslips.
  • Three most recent monthly statements from current account(s).
  • Declaration from the employer(s) detailing the nature of the employment relationship (fixed-term contract, open-ended contract). Note: in the case of self-employed workers, you may be asked to provide proof of commencement of activity, as well as the latest independent contractor payment receipts.

Using MaxFinance will bring you numerous advantages, namely:

  • Thanks to the many partnerships we have, we have significant negotiating leverage and access to favourable conditions, allowing us to offer you the most suitable solutions;
  • You will save time and effort, as we handle the entire process on behalf of the customer (research, negotiation and credit documentation);
  • You will have expert counselling in order to make informed choices and assistance with the intricate documentation that a loan process entails.

No! The credit intermediation service doesn't cost the client anything, as MaxFinance has strategic partnerships with several financial institutions, which, when a customer signs a loan agreement, only pay us a fee for the transaction.

The maximum amount of borrowing depends on several factors, such as your ability to pay and the type of loan. Our professionals will help you determine the maximum amount you can get.


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